Photo: Victor Jaramillo

Rayma Suprani

Rayma Suprani is a renowned Venezuelan-American award-winning editorial cartoonist, illustrator and political satirist.

Currently, based in Miami, FL USA, she works as an independent artist, cartoonist and illustrator at Antena Creativa LLC, her own company founded in 2020, producing creative work, on demand and personalized cartoons, as well as book illustrations. She has recently exhibited her work in Houston, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, Caracas and Miami. 

From 1995 to 2014 she was the editorial cartoonist at El Universal, one of the leading Venezuelan newspapers. During this period, she published highly influential political satire on a daily basis. As a result , she was fired, personally threatened by government representatives and forced to leave the country.

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She was featured as one of the selected cartoonist in the Cannes Festival participant documentary film Footsoldiers of Democracy, directed by Stéphanie Valloatto, 2015  –

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