A Heart for Venezuela/Un corazón para Venezuela

$ 850.00

Un Corazón para Venezuela




UN CORAZON PARA VENEZUELA / “A HEART FOR VENEZUELA” is a fusion of art and solidarity. It is a project that was born from graphic artist Rayma Suprani’s work «Corazón Venezuela» which has already become an icon in the fight for fundamental values and freedom for the country.

Now, in collaboration with María Eugenia Ulivi, a creative team has been born to make this meaningful work into a piece that seeks to establish a channel of help for our children; the biggest victims of those responsible for the political crisis in Venezuela.

Political, economic, intellectual and public figures have played fundamental roles in fueling a force of international impact that has inspired international support of a new path to Freedom and Democracy in our home country.

This project is an incentive for the Venezuelan and foreign community to strengthen their bonds and support of our unstoppable fight.

Solidarity has shown us an optimistic path of growth, where each helping hand and each donation counts, where art and creative collaboration form a transcendental role in the drive to be better citizens and the ability to help, even from miles and miles away.

UN CORAZON PARA VENEZUELA is appreciation for all the hearts that beat loudly for our country. This is the eternal gratitude of an oppressed people, who feel anything but alone.

UN CORAZON PARA VENEZUELA is a heartbeat, it’s life, and a way of saying:

Thank you!

  • A Heart for Venezuela Borderless: Series of 250, signed  by the Artist at the reverse.
    • Dimensions: 23.5″x23.5″x1″
  • A Heart for Venezuela with border: Series of 50 signed by the Artist in the front.
    • Dimensions: 23.5″x23.5″x2″

the Art Pieces come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.